Friday, December 5, 2008

Our initial catalog was created while we were uploading over 650 hours of raw footage to the hard drives. This process enables us to be anywhere, anytime the opportunitity arises to deliver high-res, broadcast quality content to any server in the world. The initial pass consumed over 850 hours of human labor. We are now ready to deliver the goods.

Over 600 hours of dialogue and 50 hours of
disability archival footage have been uploaded 
to a 16.5 Terabyte Hard Drives System.

All the footage was captured by Live Capture Plus and cataloged with CATDV programs. These are network-quality programs that enable the data captured to be intergrated into most database configurations. This means that our data is versatile; it can be used as compressed web videos, or it can be broadcast on national television. 800 hours of cataloging is still needed after the transcription and encoding processes are completed. Our current financial constraints force us to emlpoy overseas data services, but we would like to find competitive rates here in America. Is there someone out there that can make this come to fruition?